LIAR LIAR: Matteo and Jess - A Getaway Romance (Southern Seductions Book 1)

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Awards and Recognition. Performance Notes The mysterious vampire who has seduced Christine tells his life's story. Wicked Restless by Ginger Scott.

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Performance Notes An explanation of how to use the platform Wordpress to build a webstite. This book is definitely for MATURE audiences and if you are not comfortable with sex scenes than you are first of all missing out, and second of all may want to shy away from this one.

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It is a book full of romance, woman empowerment, fiction, sex, and chick lit I still don't really get what that really pertains to, but it sounds good here, so I am going to go with it. Although female readers may be more attracted to this one, my male readers could learn a thing or two from a few parts of the book. I received this book in exchange for a review. Jessica Barlow is a fraud examiner. She has signed up with LoveLines to see if she can meet somebody after she caught her ex-husband cheating.

She is the assigned to investigate LoveLines to see if there is any validity to a lawsuit filed because a client didn't have a successful match. Matteo is the owner of LoveLines. He thinks Jessica is there to investigate his company. He pretends he is one of the clients of the company. They are in Montana on a I received this book in exchange for a review.

They are in Montana on a LoveLines getaway. Matteo and Jessica fall for each other. Can their attraction stand the strain of the truth being revealed? I enjoyed this book. It was an easy read. The book could use some editing though. There are wrong words used in the text. It is easy to determine the correct word though.

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I would enjoy reading the rest of this series. I fully accept that this could be me and I'd be interested to read other reviews. Coffey is a fun and flirty rainy afternoon read. Jessica Barlow is a certified fraud examiner hired to investigate an online dating service, LoveLines. It is said that lies have short tails. Will this be the case for both of them as they are each hiding something? When the truth is out will their relationship survive? Feb 27, Melissa Basnight rated it really liked it. Fun read about an investigator that was married to a cheater and she was trying to get her life back together after their divorce.

She joins a dating service hoping to find a decent guy, but she now has to investigate the company for fraud. Fun story about love and dating and sometimes love just happens in it's own time no matter how much you try to force a match. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

I really enjoyed this story. It can be a stand-alone book, or can be read as part of the Sexy Southerners series.

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The story is from both of their points of view and I really liked being able to know what each of them was thinking. Everyone knows that online dating can be difficult and this story just shows that being honest up front is always the best. Jessica Barlow is a fraud examiner who doesn't have much of a love life, so she turns to an online site called LoveL I really enjoyed this story. Jessica Barlow is a fraud examiner who doesn't have much of a love life, so she turns to an online site called LoveLines to help. LoveLines has a guarantee that they will find a match and to date they haven't failed.

That is, until a female client decided to sue them because she hasn't been successfully matched. Jessica is informed that she has to investigate the claim and coincidentally will be attending a get-together of LoveLines singles in Montana. She regretfully decides to go but knows it will be a big help into her investigation, and maybe she could find someone special along the way. Matteo Brandt is the owner of LoveLines, and doesn't understand why his system didn't find a match for his client.

Fearing what it could mean for his company, he decides to make sure Jessica finds the perfect match for her while she is here. He isn't sure if she is coming because she genuinely wants to find love, or if she has been sent to uncover fuel for the investigation.


The two hit it off and things are going really well The deception on both parts is hurtful, but they must both go on with their lives and that includes seeing each other again in mediation for the client who is suing LoveLines. The ending really surprised me. I can't wait to read more of this series in the future as well as other titles by Julianne Floyd.

I haven't taken advantage of these discussion group opportunities and this book will be changing that. This was an enjoyable, light, chick-lit style HEA romance. Perfect for a rainy afternoon. And perfect if you only have short bits of time to read or are interrupted often because this story is extremely easy to "get back into" after an interruption.

If this is the type of book you are looking for, this will be a good choice for you, too. I do not wish to give away spoilers or wish to rewrite a summary when the book blurb and other reviewers' summaries are already available and well written. This book was fairly well edited a few corrections should be made, but none too distraction to the story to be annoying and flowed well through the action and the emotions of both main characters.

Told mostly through her POV, there was a good portion also told from his POV for the reader to be assured of a HEA and to know who was being honest when, an important feature for a book titled, "Liar, Liar".

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The characters are easy to like and the drama is kept to a minimum. The drama and the story are uncomplicated, light and lightly sexy.

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This is not new adult, but a contemporary romance -- a nice comfort to have independent, established grown-up realistic adults in your romance. I will have to agree with a few of the other reviewers in that it might have been more interesting to involve more interactions with the other LoveLines clients at the resort and to have the conclusion drawn out a bit longer -- the ending seemed to be wrapped up a bit too quickly. Maybe that is a sign of a good story -- one in which the reader wants the story to continue a bit longer.

Liar Liar is about Jessica Barlow who works as a certified fraud examiner. Her employer was hired to investigate Lovelines, which is an online dating services. Ironically, Jess had created a profile with the hope of finding a man to form a relationship with. Jess is a divorcee who was involved with a cheater and finds it difficult to trust men. Her boss decides to send her to investigate. The fact she received a call about going to Montana to meet up with single men to make a connection she feels gives her an advantage to get close to question clients and staff of Lovelines.

Jess finds herself extremely attracted to Matteo who happens to be the CEO of Lovelines which he doesn't reveal to Jess and she doesn't reveal to him that she is their to investigate the business along with the chance to make a connection. They both are falling for each other but are not forthcoming with their ulterior motives. The book contains a good storyline but I feel that the story was rushed through and could have used more interaction with the other clients to shake things up more.

If you are looking for a quick read then this book is for you. Read Liar Liar to see what happens when their lies are revealed and if they can overcome the lies and the investigation. I look forward to see how the rest of the series turns out. I hope to learn more of what has happened with Jess and Matteo since the end of the book. Matteo's company is in the mist of a law suit by an unsatisfied client. Jessica is hired to prove the client's case. Matteo schemes to wine, dine, and romance Jessica to turn her opinion to his side. What follows is a sexy romp through the mind field of love.

Coffey has created an intense sexual story of two people meant for each other. Jessica Barlow's character has emotion security issues; Ms. Coffey developed Jessica's character throughout the book as she became an assured woman emotionally. Matteo's growth was skillfully portrayed as he finds love is of the heart and not a machine. His character is handsome, sexy, self-assured, a man who had always put his family first and finds his love of a lifetime. This book has several plots and Ms. Coffey brought all the threads to this book together and formed a cohesive tale of love.