City of Brotherly Death

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Drew after he understandably rebuffed the Phillies offer to play for them. In , actions of Philadelphia Eagles fans during a blowout loss to the Dallas Cowboys were so barbaric that the city assigned a Municipal Court Judge, Seamus McCaffrey, to Veterans Stadium to preside over the legions of trash banished from the stands.

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Supporters of Philadelphia sports teams are largely pathetic excuses for life, and they need to be exiled from the world of athletics for the greater benefit of society. There are three, albeit extremely unlikely, possible solutions for dealing with these immoral miscreants from the Keystone State. One potential resolution would be to administer extensive background checks on every lowlife that attempts to enter a sporting event in the city of Philadelphia.

Granted, because most Philly natives have rap sheets, no contest would ever be filled to capacity. Another idea would be to mandate that all ticket holders must pass a breathalyzer test before they are permitted to enter the stadium. Again, considering that Philadelphians need to be constantly blitzed, no contest would ever be filled to capacity.

The rivalry between John and Jim Harbaugh, head coaches of the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers respectively, has always been a relatively friendly one — the brothers genuinely show mutual respect for one another and older brother John has even called Jim "the best coach in football right now. And then, for the first time, the Harbaughs went head-to-head when their teams each made it to the Superbowl.

The Ravens defeated the 49ers 34 to 31, and while Jim congratulated John on his victory, John reportedly said that the situation was very awkward after the game. Both brothers were intensely competitive, but were soon back on perfectly good terms, and Jim has said that their relationship is stronger than ever. Sibling trio Nick, Kevin, and Joe Jonas signed as The Jonas Brothers with Hollywood Records in and sold millions of records to adoring, mostly female, fans who were devastated to learn in October that the band had abruptly canceled their city tour due to a "deep rift within the band.

The Jonas Brothers broke up shortly after to pursue their own careers, putting the future of their tenth album, "V," in jeopardy. It's not the first time the guys went separate ways; the band took a " three-year hiatus " but then got back together. The musical threesome released five songs from "V" as part of a live album before officially splitting. In February , the Jonas Brothers returned with their first single in six years — the catchy hit "Sucker," complete with a music video.

The brothers are now back on the road touring, proving that no feud could stop their musical talents and love for one another. Everyone knows the tale of Robin Hood: A vigilante do-gooder stole from the rich and gave to the poor. In this version, the rich included Prince John, who seized the throne in his brother's absence.

Charles Dickens in the City of Brotherly Love - Arden Theatre Company

Regardless of the truth of the tale , there was a Prince John who spent years plotting against his older brother , King Richard "the Lion Heart. King Richard was eventually released on ransom ; he pardoned his younger brother when he returned to England but took away most of the land he owned. The case eventually settled, and Charles and David remained at Koch Industries. Y at the age of Bill is worth multiple billions running Florida-based energy company Oxbow Carbon , and Fred lives quietly in Monaco as a rare books collector and patron of the arts.

You may not have heard of Eppie Lederer or Pauline Phillips , but you probably have heard of advice columnists "Ann Landers" and "Abigail Van Buren," which are the names the identical twins wrote under. Eppie assumed the voice of Ann Landers in the "Ask Ann Landers" column in ; Pauline followed in her sister's footsteps just months later by creating her own column, "Dear Abby. Naturally, there was tension from competing as advice columnists, but the feud began in the mids when Pauline allegedly offered to write "Dear Abby" for their hometown newspaper for less pay if it promised not to print "Ask Ann.

Competition between older and younger siblings is inherent in nature — the older is almost always first to do everything, and for British royals Prince William and Prince Harry, that also includes becoming king. A biography by royal correspondent Marcia Moody revealed a totally different side of the relationship between royal British brothers Prince William and Prince Harry.

Some younger siblings would envy older ones for getting more attention, privileges, or power, but not Prince Harry, because he realized that he had more freedom than his brother, the future king. But the two grew up side-by-side yet rather independently, and their rivalry never really amounted to more than friendly competition between brothers.

Now, the media has turned their attention towards a supposed rivalry between the brothers' better-halves, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle. However, nothing has suggested the rumors of a true rivalry are anything other than tabloid gossip.

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These two top tennis-playing sisters have played each other professionally two dozen times now, and every match is a tense one — not just for the crowds watching, but for the Williams sisters themselves. Both are incredibly competitive and both have multiple accolades in their sport, but their friendly sibling rivalry, as far as anyone knows, has never turned ugly. In fact, both maintain that they have a huge amount of respect and admiration for the other. Serena has said that she doesn't enjoy matches against her sister.

I think we just both have so much respect for each other's game that makes it probably a little tougher because you know you're not going to get an easy win. Phil and Steve Mahre, fraternal twins who were born four minutes apart, were considered to be two of the greatest ski racers of all time. The pair ended their ski careers in following the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo , where Phil took gold and Steve took silver in slalom. Phil Mahre went down in history as a more celebrated athlete than his brother , finishing in the top three in the World Cup overall standings for six consecutive seasons, and winning the title in three.

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Twitter icon A stylized bird with an open mouth, tweeting. LinkedIn icon The word "in". Fliboard icon A stylized letter F. A little bit of sibling rivalry is natural, but some famous siblings took it to epic proportions. Some famous sibling rivalries ended up in courts of law, while others resulted in actual murders.

Here are 18 of the most epic sibling rivalries of all time. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Read more: People ask all the time about how I can stand to work with my brother — but our sibling rivalry has helped us build a nearly 8-figure business Some siblings sue each other over money or defamation while others live out their days amid a frigid silent treatment.

Melissa Stanger contributed to an earlier version of this article. Indian business tycoons Mukesh and Anil Ambani waged a war against each other in and out of court.

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Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergso and Mikkel Borg Bjergso started a brewery together before their relationship soured. Prestley and Curtis Blake of Friendly's fell out during one of many sales of the company.

Cleopatra is said to have had a hand in the deaths of three of her siblings. Actresses Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine didn't speak to each other for 40 years.

Philly's Forgotten Massacre: When Black Activists Were Bombed by the Police

Former Oasis band members Liam and Noel Gallagher's rivalry ended the brothers up in court. Jim and John Harbaugh, head coaches of the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers respectively, went head-to-head in the Super Bowl, creating an awkward family situation. Charles, David, Bill, and Fred Koch fought over money. Advice columnists and twin sisters Eppie Lederer and Pauline Phillips feuded over their respective and identical columns.

Prince William and Prince Harry of Windsor are known for their friendly competition. Venus and Serena Williams have a friendly sibling rivalry on the court.

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Phil and Steve Mahre competed against each other in the Olympics.