Delivered From Doubt (The Amish of Elkhart County #3)

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The director of job Y took me downstairs to the human resources department, congratulated me, and went away to continue interviewing candidates for job Y. After a while, two human resources workers appeared. Those jobs are not available. But this person, that person, and the other person said they were. Perhaps you would be interested in [other job]?

I left the building. That afternoon, I had a phone interview with a different company located out of town.

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It lasted fifteen minutes and was much more straightforward. It was about whether I could do specific tasks, not what would satisfy my innermost longings. Some fruit flies have infested our kitchen. Karin went online and learned how to build a trap for them. She used a jar with an old banana peel in it. Tuesday, September 3, Back to the salt mines. Then, yesterday, we entertained visitors from noon until five.

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We liked those visitors, but it was a tiring conclusion to the weekend what with our sitting in chairs all those hours. Now that Labor Day has ended, the real labor must begin. No, not the kind that produces a child. That can wait another month. After I brought them home, Karin realized that the security tag was still attached to one of my new shoes.

I offered to help, but she was intent on doing it herself. She watched YouTube videos about how to pry it off with a couple of forks. In the end, she managed with a flathead screwdriver, the claw of a hammer, and some pliers. Karin was amused. For us, this is unusual. We went to the beach. Although the water was supposedly infested with E. We walked down a pier to where, between the cities of St. Joseph and Benton Harbor, our own St.

Joseph River empties itself out into Lake Michigan. I rode the flamingo:. Joseph River. Wednesday, August 28, , the best year in movie history, pt.

Behold this trailer of the cinematic version. At night, the spinster sits on her porch, singing hymns, grasping a shotgun, guarding the children against their pursuer in one of the all-time greatest scenes. Sixteen-year-old Laurel Aleksa Palladino is the instigator, the more desperate sister. The sisters have illegally removed themselves from the fostering system and are out on the lam. The movie begins with them driving around in an old station wagon. They sleep in forests and model homes.

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They prefer not to stay long in the same place. After Laurel decides not to have an abortion, she and Amanda kidnap Elaine Mary Kay Place , a knowledgeable maternity shop clerk. They conscript Elaine to serve as a midwife for Laurel.

Most of the movie takes place while Elaine and the two girls await the birth of the child in this hideout. At first, Elaine is none too pleased, as shown in this still photo. Sunday, August 25, Aftermath. Cleaning the apartment took its toll. Mary aggravated a shoulder injury.

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I strained my lower back. It immobilized me for a couple of days. Tonight, I remarked to Karin that I thought the article would take several years to complete. She looked horrified. It never ends! Wednesday, August 21, A new bedroom.

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Every inch must be drafted into service or stripped of clutter. The bottoms have fallen out of several of my drawers. I shall strive to avoid this fault. Sunday, August 18, The first shower. I was the only man at the shower. I tried to watch Manchester City vs. Friday, August 9, My niece, etc. Ana shares this photo of David and little Ada. Tuesday, August 6, Irritating noises.

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The fount of college teaching jobs for this year has pretty well dried up — as it should, since most colleges will begin instruction in two, three, or four weeks. I continue to apply for some full-time jobs that trickle out. No dice. I love Half Price Books. Here is the song, nonetheless.

Saturday, August 3, Belfast. Wednesday, July 31, , the best year in movie history, pt. One of them, the youngest brother — Johnny, played by an especially skeletal Vincent Gallo — has just been killed. The family is in mourning. And yet, for the oldest brother, Ray — played by Christopher Walken — the event of dying is just another cinder in the lake of fire.