One Piece, Vol. 41: Declaration of War (One Piece Graphic Novel)

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Average rating 4. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Robin's story is so sad. Very few writers can beat Oda at tragic character backstories. And chapter is fantastic! A volume that finally answers the question, "Who exactly is Nico Robin, and what is the mystery behind her past? As you can guess, a memorable volume. View 1 comment.

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Apr 21, BumfuzzledNerd rated it it was amazing Shelves: gelesene-mangas-comics. A spectacular volume filled with joy, pathos, action, and tenderness in perfect balance. This is the payoff we've been waiting for that makes reading all these volumes worthwhile.

Apr 23, Thelma rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , manga. Those Ohara flashbacks. I'm just so sad about what Robin had to live through. She is so strong.

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I love Sauro and Olvia and the archeologists. I love Luffy asking her if she wants to live. Actually, that moment is probably another I would point as a favorite in this serie. I love this arc. Feb 18, Rye Riley rated it it was amazing.

I love crying and being sad. May 12, Josh Whittington rated it it was amazing. Robin has been a really mysterious character with questionable motivations, but the payoff for all this teasing is worth it. Within her past is the seed of a plot thread about the secret of the ultimate weapon hidden in a forgotten period of history, and its ties to the government ruling over the world.

These flashbacks do a good job of balancing character backstory and hinting at things to come. Jul 02, Coppershade rated it liked it. The title's German, I know. I did not read it in German, but it's all I could find on Goodreads. I've been reading this series for quite some time now and I'm just going to keep reading.

The books are appealing and the characters are great to understand. I read an article where the author, Oda, was asked when the series is planned on finishing up, and he said he had everything planned for the next 10 years. That's crazy, but we'll just go one book at a time. Robin, you deserve a life. Oda's ability to make me sob like a baby during backstories is truly a superpower. Mar 06, Henry rated it really liked it. Oda, why you made me cry like that? Best arc ever. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Again, I make notes on manga, not so much review them. This is just to help me remember what things happened in which volume. One of the saddest pasts in One Piece.

I feel like both of the series females had such traumatic experiences. The bit about Robin and Olvia always makes me cry. I swear, his theme song is doubly awesome in the anime, especially Again, I make notes on manga, not so much review them. I swear, his theme song is doubly awesome in the anime, especially when he sings it a few times. Zoro actually has a hand in bringing everyone but Sanji up there, to the Ero-cook's disdain.

Like Robin, I'm actually interested in the answer to her ultimate question, because I want to know exactly what the corrupt World Government is hiding. I already knew of Aokiji's involvement in the Buster Call of Ohara, but here is where I did a double take when I realized Akainu was also involved. Ugh, how I hate Admiral Akainu. Of course, with Luffy being Luffy, that thought was quickly changed to one of the most poignant lines within all of the Enies Lobby arc: "Tell me that you want to live!

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Talk about sticking the middle finger to law enforcement. Oct 21, Novia rated it it was amazing. Im a huge fan of the series and I knew from the first season that it would make a perfect world and setting for a tabletop RPG. I was surprised when I started looking around and couldnt find any complete or even partially started guides out there to pull ideas from. I knew what had to be done, so I started from scratch. After working on it casually for a few weeks, I felt that it deserved more than just a quick draft so I continued to write and write as much as I could to make an accurate and enjoyable One Piece experience.

Lets start from the beginning. One Piece D20 is a tabletop fantasy game in which the players take on the roles of heroes who form a group or crew and set out on dangerous adventures.

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Helping them tell the story is the Dungeon Master or DM , who decides which threats the player characters face and what sorts of rewards they earn for succeeding at their quests and goals. Think of it as a cooperative story game where the players play the protagonists and the DM acts as the narrator, controlling the rest of the world.

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As a player, you make all of the decisions for your character, from what abilities your character has to the type of weapon they carry. Playing a character is more than just skills and weapons though; its also about deciding your characters personality. Is he a noble warrior, an evil fiend, or a conniving rogue who only cares about gold?

The path your character takes is completely up to you.

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While playing One Piece D20, the DM describes the events that occur in the game world, and the players take turns describing what their characters do in response to those events. Unlike storytelling however, many actions taken by the players and NPCs controlled by the DM arent certain. Sometimes characters are better at some things then they are at others.

Dice rolls help determine whether or not an action is successful and will grant that character bonuses to their dice roll when performing an action with the skills they're better at. As your character goes on adventures, they will earn Beli Money , special items, and experience points. Beli can be spent on useful items from NPC merchants, special items are typically weapons or armor with special attributes, and experience points allow your character to level up once they reach a certain threshold. Experience points can be earned in many ways including battle, crafting, special skill actions, and diplomacy.

At the point you level up, your character instantly gains access to new abilities and you become better at your chosen skills. In order to play One Piece D20 you will need a few things. First, you need a DM who is familiar with the One Piece manga or anime series. Next, youll need to print the character sheets at the end of this document so you can use them to create your characters. Lastly, youll need a large selection of dice.

Youll want at least 5 d20s and d6s but also a few d4s, d8s, and d10s. If you have all of those, youre ready to begin your adventure. Remember that you are the creators of your game. While this guide may help you structure your story and add some rules to keep things in check, the DM is welcome to change any rules to suit their own needs. As players, you are always encouraged to be creative and invent your own feats and skills which will help you role-play your character more freely.

Youll need to work with your DM to incorporate these custom skills however, they will have the final say on whether its approved or not.

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Thank you for playing! Change Log Release 0. Added character sizes page Justified all the of paragraph text Added Sense Motive and Concentration to secondary skills section oops! Release 0. The first manga chapter was released August 4, so as of today the series has been around for about 15 years and is still going.

One Piece is the most popular manga series of all time in Japan and one of the most popular manga series worldwide. It is the highest-selling manga in the history of Weekly Shnen Jump and has received wide critical acclaim primarily for its art, characterization, humor, and story. The series follows Monkey D. Luffy as he begins his life as a pirate and starts his adventure to find One Piece.

Along the way, Luffy makes a lot of friends, which in this series are referred to as nakama. Nakama are more than just friends though; it more closely means comrade or extended family member. Some of Luffys nakama join his crew and together they go on adventures with the ultimate goal of reaching the end of the Grand Line. The Grand Line is the most dangerous ocean in the world, full of mysterious islands and giant sea monsters.