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Price may vary by retailer. About The Book. About The Author. Photo Credit:. Peter David. Product Details. Resources and Downloads. More books from this author: Peter David. See more by Peter David. Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! As Captain Kirk did before him, Calhoun has encountered beings of unnatural power and abilities verging on godhood, and who cl Now, over a dozen books A crewman has been murdered aboard the U.

Trident, and all evidence points to Ensign Janos of the Excalibur. Captain Mackenzie Calhoun is reluctant to accept that Janos, a powerful non-humanoid whom the captain has known and trusted for years, co It's hard to find a lesser man than Apropos: a con man, a knave, a scalawag This time, Apropos winds up a stranger in a strange land called "Chinpan," populated by those who speak a different language and live by a c President Arthur Penn and his wife, Gwen, have been learning to navigate the intricacies of Congress a From acclaimed filmmaker Ang Lee, a dark vision of the beast that lives inside the man.

In a Berkeley lab, Bruce Banner, a young man haunted by his murky past and the parents he never knew, works intensely day and night. A bright scientist w While teenager-turned-superspy Alex Fleming learns more about his hidden past and the battling secret organizations -- S.

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The return of Sir Apropos of Nothing! They were dark and stormy knights Through happenstance, Apropos becomes a A quiet student, he works diligently at his studies and pines for the beautiful Mary Jane Watson. But this ordinary teenage boy is about to Excalibur, has demonstrated abilities beyond those of the somewhat odd human being he appears to be. When the inhabitants of an innocent solar system are confronte Missing for two hundred millennia, the legendary Iconians have returned, bringing with them the secret of interdimensional teleportation across vast interstellar distances.

Awakened once more, their ancient Gateways are rewriting the map of the galax While adjusting to being joined with Genis, the son of the original Captain Marvel, Rick Jones battles a Hyssta calling itself Captain Marvel and rescues Marlo from the Canadian woods, after which Moondragon and her father further complicate his life The ever resourceful Captain Mackenzie Calhoun abruptly finds himself at a loss--marooned on the primitive outback world of Yakaba after his ship, Excalibur, is destroyed by deadly sabotage.

He is separated from his loyal first officer, Shelby, who h Centauri Prime declares war on the Interstellar Alliance in Book Three of the epic trilogy that continues Babylon 5's brilliant legacy. Blind to the fact that he is a pawn in the Drakh's deadly strategy, Centauri prime minister Durla launches Instead of finding sanctuary in an abandoned New York City, telekinetic Chuck Simon has his mind erased.

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Defenseless, he must remember how to use his powers before the killer cyborg psionic on his trail catches up to him. The ship is only a memory, but the drama unfolds The U. Excalibur has been obliterated. Its captain, Mackenzie Calhoun, is gone. Now the surviving crew members are dispersed throughout the galaxy, seeking to forge new lives in the wake of When the U. Excalibur was suddenly and mercilessly destroyed, Starfleet lost one of its finest starships.

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But the crew members of the Excalibur lost their captain Now, in mourning for their ship and Captain Mackenzie Calhoun, Fi In the annals of adventure and exploration, few names shine as brightly as those of the various vessels bearing the noble appellation of Enterprise. Equally distinguished are the many brave captains who have led their respective ships into battle, da The Drakh have assaulted Earth with deadly Shadow technology--but the worst is yet to come in this stunning continuation of the Babylon 5 epic adventure Centauri Prime has been infiltrated by malevolent allies of the Shadows, creatures known as Bombed to the brink of oblivion, the planet Centauri Prime is starting the slow and painful process of rebuilding, under the watchful eye of Emperor Londo Mollari.

But Londo is in turn being watched--and manipulated--by the conquest-hungry Drakh. Centuries ago, an alien life form called the Black Mass had destroyed a solar system in what was then the Thallonian Empire, and now it has returned, and the fierce Redeemers of the planet Tulan IV recruit the starship Excalibur to help defend them.

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Ever since the fall of the Thallonian Empire, Si Cwan has been searching for his sister--the only other surviving member of the royal family--and the Excalibar will risk destruction at the hands of an alien race to find her. As a series of deadly plagues threatens to engulf the Romulans, the Cardassians, the Bajorans, and the Federation, Captain Jean-Luc Picard and Captain Mackenzie Calhoun of the Excalibur join forces to find the hidden architect of these horrifying bio A master storyteller who has appeared seven times on The New York Times bestseller list, fantasy writer Peter David joins the popular Dinotopia middle-grade adventure series with a gripping new tale.

A witty young Raptor, Booj, teams up with Jason an Former Starfleet captain Mackenzie Calhoun tells about his service as the first officer on board the Starship Excalibur and the events that led to his court-martial and resignation from Starfleet. An exciting and colorfully illustated collection of more than one dozen never-before-seen adventures of the Incredible Hulk offers tales that span the entire career of the mean green machine.

Or can it? Once William Riker was Deanna's imzadi, but now The last true hope for freedom, Babylon 5 is struggling to survive. The station has severed its ties with Earth--and has been quarantined in retaliation. Then, in the depths of hyperspace, a squad of starfuries makes an astounding discovery that c With the fall of the ancient Thallonian Empire, civil war threatens the planet Zondar.

The arrival of the U. Excalibur is greeted with relief and celebration by the anxious populace, and Captain Mackenzie Calhoun, fresh from his cataclysmic escap The Battle of the Line is infamous in Earth history as the climactic campaign in a long and bloody war between Humankind and the alien Minbari race.

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But how did this apocalyptic conflict erupt? And how did this fateful clash of two civilizations ulti In the face of catastrophe on the Thallonian homeworld, Captain Calhoun confronts his own bloody past, and when the planet's ultimate secret is revealed, the crew of the Excalibur faces the empire's total destruction.

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Besieged by refugees from the violence-stricken Thallonian Empire, the crew of the U. Excalibur faces the demands of a treacherous planetary government that is demanding Federation technology in exchange for hostages. When Bajor is threatened with extinction by a terrible disease, Captain Sisko accepts help from Ro Laren, a Starfleet officer turned Maquis renegade, who teams up with a reluctant Kira in a quest to track the plague to its source. Captain Picard faces an overwhelming challenge when the obstinate Klingons become involved in a deadly confrontation with the previously peaceful Cantovs, and as thousands of innocent civilians die, it is the Captain alone who can save millions of ot As one Leader falls, another ri When his daughter Demora, an exemplary Starfleet officer, attacks her commanding officer and is killed in self-defense, a grieving Captain Sulu tries to learn the truth and confronts an old enemy.

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The superhero undergoes an experiment to transform himself permanently back into his human alter-ego, Dr. Robert Banner, in a new full-length, hardcover adventure novel by the author of the monthly Incredible Hulk comic book In all of his travels Captain Jean-Luc Picard has never faced an opponent more powerful than Q, a being from another continuum that Picard encountered on his very first mission as Captain of the Starship Enterprise. In the years since, Q has returned Struggling to give his wife a normal life, avoid an obsessed army officer, and defeat the imbalance that causes him to turn into the Incredible Hulk, Dr.

Banner conducts a risky experiment that is complicated by his wife's pregnancy. Now stranded on this remote planet, surrounded by the burning fires of the abandoned colony, Worf, his friends from Starfleet Academy, and cadets from the Klingon Empire fight Mysterious space raiders are threatening the joint Federation-Klingon colony on the remote planet of Dantar.

Worf and his fellow cadets - Zak, Tania, Soleta and Mark - have accompanied their teacher to observe the negotiation process, but find themse Before he was an officer aboard the U.

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Raised on Earth by human parents, Worf wonders if he is still a Kling From the outer limits of time and space to the inner reaches of the human heart Years before they served together on board the U. Enterprise, Commander William Riker and ship's counselor Deanna Troi had a tempestuous love affair on her hom Deep Space NineTM is forced to curtail entry to the wormhole due to increased graviton emissions, and an air of biting tension settles over the station. Enterprise has encountered many strange beings and situations but none has chilled them to the bone more than death. Someone aboard the starship has killed Captain Kirk -- or so it seems.

While the Captain recovers, it falls to his loyal c Gamma Xaridian--a peaceful Federation research colony that becomes the third Federation world to suffer a brutal attack at the hands of a mysterious alien fleet. With Lt. Uhura gone on an important mission of her own, Captain Kirk and the U. To elude the government agents pursuing him, Chuck Simon has purchased a first-class ticket on the Bullet Train, which will whisk him from Sa Every thirty-three years, a rift in space connects the Federation with a mysterious race called the Calligar who live on a planet hundreds of light years away--much too far to travel in a Starship.

Captain Kirk and the U. Enterprise- are dispatch When two powerful rival families of the spacefaring merchant race called the Tizarin are to be joined through marriage, the U. Enterprise is chosen as the site for the wedding. Though Captain Picard is pleased by the happy duty, his pleasure is c Chuck Simon was looking forward to spending the holidays on the West Coast Until his psionic powers sensed someone more powerful than anyone he'd ever encountered be Out of work and out of luck, barnstorming air-race pilot Clifford Secord finds himself running from gangster mercenaries, federal agents, and Nazi assassins when he comes into possession of the Cirrus X-3 rocketpack The Borg--half organic being and half machine, they are the most feared race in the known galaxy.

In their relentless quest for technological perfection, they have destroyed entire star systems, enslaved countless peoples, and, in a single brutal att The brainchild of controversial entertainment mogul Wyatt Wonder, Wonderworld is much more than an amusemen Trying to stay one step ahead of the government agency that's pursuing him, Chuck Simon escapes into a wilderness that's polluted by Chuck Simon is an ordinary man with extraordinary mental powers. After years Under the best circumstances, terraforming is a tough, dangerous task that pits the hardiest of pioneers against an unforgiving environment.

When the terraformers on the planet Paridise fall behind schedule, Commander Riker is given temporary leave, We all know what happens when a man is bitten by a werewolf: Every full moon, he turns into a wolf. Of course. But what happens when a wolf is bitten by a werewolf?

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And what if this wolf is snatched up by unsuspecting He Came. He Saw. He Ran for Office. When a legend like King Arthur lands in the middle of modern-day Manhattan, anything can happen. After all, he's a long way from home and things have changed in years. But Arthur's no slouch. He's a bo We use cookies to ensure the best user experience at FictionDB. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies per our User Agreement.

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