The Second Time Around

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When she joins her old environmental team to go up against an oil company intent on destroying a pristine Scottish river, Maggie finds herself working in opposition to a man she once loved from afar, many years ago.

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Idaho ranch owner Greg Warren is rich and entitled, with a dark past that he hides behind a professional smile. Love blooms as Maggie and Greg take a chance on a new start, but can they find a balance between the two worlds they inhabit? In this sweet romance, set between the English countryside and the wide expanse of the Idaho plains, can Maggie and Greg find love second time around? I cannot wait for the next book. This is definitely an author to watch.

Also lonely. I wanted to feel that way. And, I wanted to be fully prepared for everything. We took every single birth class.

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I mean every single one. Working with the midwives, my birth preferences were extensive. They articulated a plan for natural labor and reflected weeks of research on how things might go best. By the time I went into labor, I was ready in every way — spiritually, intellectually, logistically — to be transformed by this experience.

PASTA: Parenting the Second Time Around

Thirty-hours of labor later, on August 2 nd , , Elliott joined us. The midwife said I looked surprised there was a baby at the end of childbirth, and she was correct. There is so much which is different this time around, both in my circumstances and in myself. The most important difference between my pregnancies is that it has shifted between this pregnancy being about me to this pregnancy being about the baby.

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I know the punchline now; God-willing, childbirth ends in parenthood. The whole point is bringing this little man into the world in a safe and healthy way.

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Who Has Time for That? I could point to a whole portfolio of demands on my time, but the ultimate cause is my daughter, Elliott.

Two-year-olds do a remarkable job occupying every available minute of time, and I am mostly happy to give her those moments. As a result, pregnancy looks different. Your privacy is important to me. Read the privacy policy here. Read the Cookie policy here. I hope you find the site useful!

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