Through Darkness: A Story of the Bosnian Diaspora

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He looks like a football player, for the simple reason that he used to be one until recently. The match was played on the very same day that the thinktank Crisis Group put forward a report leading with the thesis that Bosnia was but one spark away from bursting into a new, devastating conflict, and just before kick-off bosniaks and croats rushed into each other on the streets outside the stadium. Possibilites on one side, obstacles on the other. The last few years there have been riots and even deaths in connection to football matches in Sarajevo and Mostar.

The match was played right after the whole of Bosnia had been rocked by demonstration and riots, initiated in Tuzla and rapidly spreading all over the country. People were protesting against mindless privatizations and against the political class who had grown stronger amidst the corruption following the war.

Government buildings were gatecrashed, protestors faught police and military, several ministers were forced to resign. The signs and the protests lost pace, but never disappeared. In Sarajevo, protestors are patiently holding their signs up next to the street. The national museum of Sarajevo is one of the oldest in Europe, an oasis of culture, filled with archives, books and art.

I walk up to the museum just to catch a glimpse of the decay, but the only thing to see are closed doors and a sign where someone has written a sad message:. While bombs were exploding, he arranged a film festival. He explained:. During the war they dug tunnels under the landing slips, that was how they could get weapons, food and people in and out during the siege. Things are thousands times worse elsewhere. After the war football followed the same Dayton deal logic as the rest of society, with a rotating presidency after ethnical lines. Organized supporterled protests, combined with threaths of exclusion by the Uefa, finally led to a normalizing committee with real football people — and legendary Ivica Osim in charge — taking over the federation.

That makes me very proud. We had problems with corruption at all levels of the federation. Ivica Osim said that there are powers who fight against integration and reconciliation. Is that something you agree on?

Refugees return to Kozarac in Bosnia to rebuild community

There are those who wish to push forward, and others who want to stop the process as they have nothing to gain from it. But we also have a lot of people who are struggling just to make ends meet. Having qualified for the World Cup shows that we are getting somewhere. Every little sign pointing in that direction, that football has found a way forward, is made into a symbol.

Little steps making a big difference. Just before the World Cup, the national team changed their kit supplier, from a small brand to mighty Adidas. The World Cup might even make international companies interested in investing in Bosnia.

Through Darkness: A Story of the Bosnian Diaspora

Everyone I talk to keeps mentioning the lack of infrastructure, the lack of resources. But to me, it seems like what Bosnia misses more than anything is trust and confindence? To regain confidence you need to build something lasting together, like we are doing with football here.

The whole world has gathered around the image of a Bosnian team which is a dream about a united Bosnia. Multicultural and successful, with no ethnical conflicts. A Muslim is passing the ball to an Orthodox Christian. A Serb hits a cross for a Bosniak to head into the net. We have to find strength in all things positive, like football. We have to forgive, but must never forget. Young men and women who love this national team at least as much as all those who stayed, young men and women who were given their lives and their football elsewhere.

First, he will try to break into the World Cup squad, then he has to make up his mind about where he wants to play football. Laughters all around.

They are young and intelligent, beautiful and successful, their future is bursting with promise. Even for a popular football player, everyday life has its downsides. Security has flaws, supporters have been cutting the tires of cars, during matches they might throw stones from the stands.

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Through Darkness

Everyone is an agent, licenses can be bought for nothing and then they go out and signs with year olds for a few hundred — and when these boys want to move someplace four or five years down the road, they will face problems. Alma tells us about the things that make Sarajevo a unique place: the sense of closeness, of being in some ways part of a family. As the national team and the Under s meet in a friendly, Srdjan plays really well, he takes the chance but will not be given a chance.

The injury situation improves, and when the final World Cup squad is announced his name is not in it. He will get to watch the World Cup on tv, while making decisions on his future abroad. Sarajevo is my home, and I love it. Here it comes! Terminator, you say?!

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    Refugees return to Kozarac in Bosnia to rebuild community | openDemocracy

    The Writing On The Wall. Chastise Dambusters Story Tempest V vs Fw D-9 : Duel. There, she had the opportunity to fulfill her scholarly ambitions, eventually finishing a doctoral degree in anthropology. Re-making Kozarac is derived from her doctoral field work about the return and restoration of a community in Kozarac. Sivac-Bryant describes the difficult tasks the returnees have faced in restoring their community; she identifies problems and conflicts, discusses some of the solutions devised by the returnees, and suggests ways that international actors can improve their approach to refugee return and recovery.

    These lessons can apply not only in Kozarac, but also to other present and future situations of dislocation. The author presents an insightful analysis — the results of more than a decade of anthropological ethnographic research — in language that is accessible to ordinary readers. Soon after the war's end, thousands of displaced citizens of Kozarac set to work to frustrate the separatist plans of the warlords. Sivac-Bryant describes the background to the leadership of this movement, discussing in detail the 17th Krajina Brigade, a component of the government army fighting to preserve Bosnia-Herzegovina.

    The Brigade was originally formed in exile. It was composed of displaced inhabitants of Prijedor, Kozarac, and the surrounding region, together with patriotic friends and relatives who had been working in western Europe.